Prophetic Teacher

Mary has been known as a prophetic teacher. This comes from the times that God has imparted into her a teaching and when she delivers it, what she is teaching is happening in the world. Such as GPS – God’s Prophetic Signposts; Power of the Blood of Jesus, Aligning with Prophetic Timing, How Close are we to the Third Temple, Jewish Roots, Hebrew Calendar Teachings, Last Days and End Times, The Underworld, Signs in the Heavens, Angels, The Stronghold of Witchcraft in the Last Days, Numbers in Scripture and The Vatican Agenda.

Mary also has been called ‘Queen of the Handouts’ because she always equips her Bible Study group with handouts so they will be able to go back during the next week and review. All the flash drives in the Store include handouts from the complete study with the MP3 audios.

PowerPoint and handouts are always used when she goes out to teach and speak at Churches, Conventions or various groups. Mary believes that you retain knowledge by participation. Some people

are visual learners while some are audible. In the parable of the Sower and the Seed found in Matthew 13:19, Jesus teaches that the seed (word being taught) was snatched up immediately because they did not understand. The Bible Study group was given a huge compliment this year from a visiting guest from Israel. He said our class was ‘Post Graduate Level’ because he was able to teach at an advanced level.

Since the New Testament was written by Jewish people, Mary feels it is necessary to bring understanding of the Hebrew background of the Old Testament. Hebrew idioms are brought forth to bring out the full meaning as well as Hebrew customs. One of the things often taught is line-upon-line of complete books, such as Book of Revelation, Daniel, Genesis, Nahum to name a few.

One of her favorite teaching is “Chosen – But Not Perfect”, the full history of each of the twelve disciples of Jesus. It is amazing that most people can name all Santa’s reindeer, but cannot name the 12 disciples. She goes deep in the history of each disciple and the work they did to carry out the Gospel after Jesus ascended to heaven.

Another popular teaching is on “The Twelve Tribes of Israel”. Most people do not realize this is a Last Days teaching. In Genesis 49:1, “And Jacob called his sons and said, ‘Gather together, that I may tell you what shall befall you in the Last Days’.” Mary believes the prophetic assignment given to the Tribes will be on the Church in the Last Days before Jesus comes back. Because of her understanding of the times, Mary has received several prophetic words that she is from the Tribe of Issachar. I Chronicles 12:32, “The sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.”