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Christian Ministry
Ken and Pastor Benny Thomas

Ken Bostrom Ministries (KBM) was established in the year 2000 with the intent to unify the Body of Christ with the purposes of God. The mandate of this Christian Ministry is to “Reach the Lost, Teach the Found, so we will be all United in His Purpose”. Dr. Ken’s first ministry reached out to the men on Galveston for a Men’s Breakfast Fellowship that lasted 8 years, uniting 50 churches together monthly.

Ken and Mary have been affiliated with World Ministry Fellowship (WMF) since 1994 where they were licensed and ordained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Ken is the Texas Gulf Coast State Director and former Advisory Board Chairman for WMF.

Dr. Mary is a council Member of Texas Apostolic Prayer Network (TXAPN) to coordinate prayer for the eleven-county region of Texas, known as The Birthplace Region. Gathering people together to pray God’s will into our nation and Israel has been the heart of Dr. Mary from the very beginning of their ministry.

Dr. Mary has shared teachings on her blog site since 2010 to bring current information to the world about signs in the heavens, aligning with prophetic timing on God’s calendar, national prayer needs, and many various teachings from the Bible.

In 2017, the assignment was given to Drs Ken and Mary to reach the airwaves by television.  January 2018, they began to record weekly at Kingdom Broadcasting Network (KBNtv) in Houston, TX. From that starting point, they have expanded to sharing these programs on their own YouTube Channel and social media. In 2019 they began to share the programs on Kingdom Insight Television (KITV) out of Canada and have shared many broadcasts on WRNO Shortwave Radio world-wide.

Ken Bostrom Ministries has had an at-home Bible Study since 2008 and continue to travel and speak in conferences, churches and home-cell groups as often as possible.