meet the bostrom's


Dr. Ken and Mary were raised in Minnesota and married in 1970. In 1982 both were born again filled with the Holy Spirit. Shortly thereafter, they received the call into ministry. This began a journey

through the trials of wilderness journey that is referred to as the ‘school of hard knocks’. These first years were building a foundation to the walk by faith life that God has called them into.

In 1991, Mary fulfilled an assignment God gave nine years prior to preach on the streets of Russia. After that experience they were directed of God to leave everything behind and go to Texas in the Fall of 1992 to attend Bible School at Wisdom Bible Institute in Orange, TX. After graduating this two-year school, they were sent to Galveston Island, TX where both Ken and Mary worked under this established ministry of Church of the Living God.

In the year 2000, Ken Bostrom Ministries, Inc. began and is under the umbrella of World Ministry Fellowship of Plano, Texas. In 2007, Ken and Mary went into full-time ministry and have been having the time of their lives ministering in Bible Schools, Bible Colleges, various conferences, churches, home groups and Bible studies. Ken still works in the Marketplace Ministry part-time where he is licensed with the State of Texas as a dispenser/fitter of hearing aids.

In addition to Wisdom Bible Institute graduation, Mary is a graduate of Rhema Bible School of Tulsa, OK. Dr. Ken and Mary both went forward to receive their master’s degree and Doctorate of Theology in 2016 from College of Global for Global Deployment of Vancouver, Washington.

Dr. Ken and Mary now live in Texas City, TX. Together they have two daughters, who are both married and six wonderful grandchildren, ages twenty-two to nine years of age.

Staying committed to our Savior
& Lord Jesus Christ in all things.